Tennis And Lip-reading

Hello Everyone

I used to have a WordPress site under this name, but somehow I can’t get WordPress to import it into this one.

This first post will be about a funny thing, from that blog, that happened at Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in 2009 and is forever valid.

A tennis coach was carpeted after it was discovered he was watching the opposing doubles pair talk to each other. Binoculars were trained on every aside they made. Hearing Wellbeing blogged about it.

The following year, 2010, every doubles pair put their wrists over their mouths. Every commentator was suddenly clueless.    They could not see the players’  expressions or lips to lip-read.  It proves that everybody lip-reads; just that people with hearing loss do it more.  When we cannot understand what is going on, we panic into ‘fight or flight’ mode more suited to the woolly mammoth than

I am not saying which TV station it was, but someone saw the blog and brought in a lip-speaker. They had by far the best coverage and must have upset all of the TV statistics.

Anyway, in 2011, on the occasion of the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine, the same TV station brought in a lip-speaker. I was not really enamoured of that idea, but I suppose it is business.

More about lip-reading another time.

Have a great week



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