Earplugs for Clubbing

Hello Everyone

At a Deaf Awareness Day held some years ago at the local College of Technology, I was handing out acoustic earplugs, on the basis that teenagers would never buy them themselves.   Sure enough, they took them and examined them warily, as I explained that being acoustic would not eliminate sound or lower the enjoyment bar of their favourite music.

One girl , who worked in a nightclub bar, said that she had been given the usual squashy ones that shops sell for airplane flying, but that she could only wear one at a time.  Otherwise, she could not hear the customers.  This would, in time, devastate the hearing in that ear.  So I gave her a spare pair for a friend or her boss who had supplied the squashy ones. At the time, in 2009, I and my little company was a great fan of http://www.earplugstore.com

in the States, as music plugs were hard to get hold of in the UK.  Now Alpine Music Safe Pro earplugs are easily available here:


If you know any bands or friends setting up music bands, please tell them to get custom-made plugs, also available on the site above and probably much cheaper than going to an Audiologist.  Apparently there is an increasing number of young musicians with destroyed hearing in their 20’s, so don’t let it be you.

Keep your friends and family safe.

Debbie Jeffrey


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