The Restaurant Has Your Meals Ready


Aagh, can anyone understand what the waitress is saying?  The background noise is deafening as the floors are hard and sound bounces off multiple surfaces.

Here, we have the advantage.  About time!  We can lip-read, although bear in mind that we get it wrong 70% of the time.  Don’t laugh; we’re still way ahead of the luckless diner.

There are a limited number of phrases that waitresses use. (By the way, you can learn lip-reading in some Colleges of Technology in the UK, or just observe.) Unfortunately, these women were all Sign Language Users, so they were entirely reliant on a girl with her back to me.  She was asking the waitress questions, but as happens in all restaurants to most people, that dish one of them had in front of her did not look like she thought.

It happens to everyone.  It’s okay; we’re normal.  Actually, we are better than normal as I said to my friend:

“That’s yours and the other one is mine.”

She looked astonished.

“But you’re deaf.”

Aaagh.  It is a long slippery slope to educate other people.

Have a great hearing week


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