Drat! It’s Too Quiet – Hearing Aid Malfunction – Er, no.

Hello Everyone

Have you ever done that?  Gone out and realised when you reached your friend’s house that you can’t hear?  I have, too many times to remember!

It’s one of three things.  Firstly, the battery may have fallen out as I left the battery case open too much overnight.  When I picked it up in the morning, I didn’t look at the battery.

Secondly, the cacaphonous cascade of sound when it is running out of battery is so awful, that I either take it out altogether, or keep telling myself I’ll do it in a minute.

Thirdly, the battery case of the hearing-aid has not closed properly.  You can more or less hear as the other ear is working very hard, but you become tired much more quickly than you normally do.

Any other things happen to you?

When I get it right, I am so grateful that I even welcome background noise.  It is part of hearing life.

Have a great week

Debbie Jeffrey



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