About Us


I used to help people with hearing issues to apply for Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance, whilst working for the D/deaf charity deafPLUS*.    The government is seeking shirkers, but I only found three in a 100+ people.

I have also had a company, Aqual Limited, in hearing.  Trading names were variously Deaf Wellbeing, (mostly women), Hard-of-Hearing Community (with an unwanted discussion forum) and Hearing Market (mostly men).  Aqual was dissolved in June 2013 and I took a sabbatical.

“Life happens while you’re making future plans.”  John Lennon

I am now back to writing  a book on hearing and blogging, which is where my heart is.  It took a long time to find that out. Enjoy the posts and feel free to comment if you like.


*These days deafPLUS concentrates on profoundly deaf people, yet while I was there, it accommodated those with hearing loss as well.  Last year it had a Leadership Course for profoundly deaf people.  Adding a Sign Interpreter for a hearing-assisted person was not in their funding and thereby not to be considered.