About Us

Hello Everyone

My ideal is to start from a position of kindness and go forward from there.  I have had hearing-aids for 30 years, yet there is always something new to learn.  I may test a product, once in a blue moon, yet my primary purpose is to talk to you.

I had a start-up company in hearing, Aqual Limited, (as in a quality of life) and I blogged a hundred times until my then website: HearingMarket.co.uk broke down, losing all of the blogs and lost money as well.  I also had deafwellbeing.co.uk and hardofhearingcommunity.com and learnt a great deal.  If it’s any interest to the entrepreneurs out there, Deafwellbeing appealed almost exclusively to women, Hardofhearingcommunity.com to no-one at all and Hearingmarket.com to men.  I had a hugely expensive advert in The Sunday Times supplement, written by a man (as my web designer pleaded with me to write it) and consequently appealed exclusively to men.  When they found out that a woman was marketing the product they had seen in the magazine, they all reacted negatively.

After a pause where I pursued other things, I am back to blogging and starting again here.

Please feel free to comment.

Debbie Jeffrey

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