Hi there

This blog and the book that is in progress, is my attempt to keep my word to the hundred or more people, whom I helped with UK non-means-tested state benefits.  At the time, they were Disability Living Allowance (now Personal Independence Payment) and Attendance Allowance (for people over 65 years old).

All of these people, whom I was very privileged to meet, said the same thing. They wanted someone to take an interest in their hearing conditions long-term. In 2009, the UK public sector could offer six weeks, the charity sector where I was, 6 months and what about the private sector?

So I started up Aqual Limited (as in ‘a quality of life).  Trading names were variously Deaf Wellbeing, Hard-of-Hearing Community (which lasted 6 months) and Hearing Wellbeing.  I ran Aqual for five years, before succumbing to market forces. My heart really was not in selling equipment.  I insisted on trying out any equipment and finding people with hearing-aids turned out to be challenging.  So I am back to blogging. (If you remember Hearing Wellbeing’s blog from a few years’ ago, it sank without trace and I could not recall the messages.)  I am starting again.

I am always positive about my hearing and I would be delighted  if you felt better, or  information here makes your life easier.


Debbie Jeffrey




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