Earpieces That Blast Sound Through Your Ears And Good Hearing Don’t Mix

Hello Everyone

It is a long time since I posted.  Sorry about that. In the UK we have been ‘bouleverse’ (thrown topsy-turvy) by the result of the General Election of 8 June.  Having expected a landslide victory at the start of the campaign, the Conservatives dribbled in with a lower majority than it started with.

Today, I stepped out of a shop and found my ears being blasted off, as a young, say 13-year-old girl walked past in school uniform, her music plainly to be heard by everyone around.  She had earpieces in and let us hope that she was really angry about something and this was her way of cooling down.

However, she may be headed straight to the National Health Service’s (NHS) hearing-aid service.  They are seeing many more children and young grown-ups, about 22 or 23-years-old with their hearing “shot to pieces”.  In her case, she could also easily trigger tinnitus, which results to irksome to devastating noises from a squeak to singing permanently, while one is trying to speak.

Anybody who, sadly, has been caught in an explosion can end up being needing hearing-aids.  If your hearing is dulled, please consult a Doctor or your GP as soon as possible.  They will be able to reassure you or send you into the NHS for help.

I met a lovely, profoundly deaf man whose daughter told me that during a fortnight’s stay in hospital, he understood nothing and was terrified all of the time.  She came into his ward to see a Doctor shaking his arm and shouting into his ear.  She was appalled and explained that the only way to wake him was to use a shaker.  This is a round pad about 15 cm across which vibrates.  For him,  it would have to be placed under the pillow.  For the less affected, under the mattress is enough or you will think there is an earthquake.  I hope that you, whether related or not, could alert a Doctor to what they should do.  They only have six weeks training on the ears.

Do you listen to music via earpieces or those wireless headphones?  Do your ears ever feel numb?

Listening to your responses.



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